Crypto Hide Coin

The third generation cryptocurrency


The cost free decentralized transaction system

The project, briefly

Crypto Hide Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency underlying a third generation blockchain ecosystem.
The platform does not apply user transation fee.
The system is fully explorable and can be expanded through the Extended Chain.
Implement real-time transaction technology (Transchain).
Trustless Masternode designed for the lowest energy expenditure (green-eco), a fully and constantly synchronized Network, Transaction Guarantee based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus.
SHA-256 cryptographic base and reference protocol is CHPSv_x.
Multilayer, social collaboration, e-voting.
An advanced coin for a modern community, projected for development and growth, full of third-party services based on exchanges of fair value.

Sistema basato sui contratti

Crypto Hide Coin Decentralized Trustless Network makes use of preset contracts to offer decentralized services to the network. For each service provided there is a preset contract. It can be invoked through specific requests. This type of interchange is called the CHPSv_x protocol. The list of contracts, its specifications and the types of applications are collected in the technical document called Yellowpaper.

Roadmap 2019

Here are the most important events already scheduled in the short term.
  1. September 2019


    Project official document

  2. December


    Start creation of official technical document

  3. Febraury 2020


    Testnet Centralized Trustless Network

  4. March 2020


    Testnet Decentralized Trustless Network

  5. April 2020

    Start Network

    Start official network

  6. May 2020

    Explorer Chain

    Explorer Entire Blockchain

  7. June 2020

    Network TransChain

    Start network TransChain

  8. July 2020

    Market Cap

    Official presentation Exchange

Project summary data

General Information

Coin NameCrypto Hide Coin DT


Currency symbol§

Number official network2

Total Supply1.300.000.000

Total coin continuous network250.000.000



Reward per day100.000

Consensus ModeProof of Stake (POS)

Date creation project10/30/2011

Date upgrade project4/2/2019

Team Board

Complete historical team list
Asian and European
Dottor. Falken

Dottor. Falken

European Team
Project Analist

Davide Maria Romeo

European Team
Full Stack Developer
AnnLee J. Breed

AnnLee J. Breed

Asiatic Team
Support Sidechain
Quan Nguyễn

Il Ministro

European Team
Technical Committee
Lao Zhang


European Team
Technical Committee
Xuan Nhung Tieu


European Team
Supporter social
OCS H. Wayniss

OCS H. Wayniss

Asiatic Team
Storic Founder Older Project